Saturday, March 21, 2009

tough love

There is a new show on MTV (or VH1 or some place) where a male matchmaker gives dating advice to a group of ladies looking to get married. Despite my distaste for reality shows, I'll probably get hooked on this one. It just speaks to my ongoing curiosity about dating, relationships and, ultimately, love. I have been willing to try almost anything in a quest for connection and to add to my research - "traditonal dates", blind dates, long term texting relationships with someone I've never met, online dating, one night stands, etc... And I'm always open to feedback (even though it stings sometimes) on my technique, my persona.

I recently went on a first drink with a guy I met online. He was perfectly fine: polite, normal, attractive, but there was no spark. I don't think he was especially taken with me either, since he took several days to send me this beyond-vague follow up, "had a mellow time the other night. nice!" To be fair, I didn't send him any follow up; at least he's trying. So, here I am trying to decide what, if anything, will be my next move and it hits me -

There should be a "tough love" dating site (maybe there already is??) where you are expected to send feedback to the other members. For example, that email you sent about the time you almost slept with a high class call girl weirded me out. Or, when you told me you don't read much it turned me off. And they could tell me, I felt like you were interrogating me instead of showing real interest. Or, you don't do your pics justice. That way, we could all improve our "game" while meeting new people, thus increasing our chances of more dates, a relationship and, maybe, love.


east side bride said...

I think you should start this. I'm dead serious (and I know a great web designer).

My word verification is "skillys"

Petunia Face said...

Uh, cha-chiiing! Get to it, girl! That is genius.

My word verification is "propoid," you know, since we're playing that game. It sounds ominously close to hemmoroid. Which sounds ominously close to my ass.

country mouse said...

this is it...the fact that i told a man a week ago i needed his last name before we dated so i could google him is baaad...and really could have neen avoided..i have no game...i need to hear feedback on just how bad that is for the opposite sex

Anonymous said...

In theory, it sounds good, but the issue with this is that the very things that turn off one person can sometimes be the very things that make another person fall completely in love with you (or at least begin to consider the possibility).

My word verification is "exuag"