Saturday, December 18, 2010

droppin' knowledge

"...That is how you get closer to somebody – allowing them to see who you are and not freaking out and running the other way when you see who THEY are.

...when you finish all the superficial running around, the people who mean more to you are still there, either across the table, beside you in bed or thousands of miles away but still right there in your brain and under your skin.

...Even if it seems like a happy, little lark on the surface, it isn’t. You’ll either struggle with someone when they’re there and miss them when they are gone. The whole thing is designed to make you sensitive to the needs and realities of others and, ouch, to show you exactly what you are attracted to.

Because that’s the secret. The ones you select are the ones you want and the ones you want possess something you deeply yearn to be united with..."

- Michael Lutin

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