Sunday, August 17, 2008

introductory paragraph

My oldest friend asked me to contribute to her blog ( as I have been in numerous weddings and she thought I had some helpful wedding planning advice for brides all over. After publishing all of two posts I decided it was time to take the reins and create my very own blog.

Most of this will have nothing to do with being a bridesmaid. It will bounce all over from things I love, to celebrity gossip, to rants. There might even be some talk about my feelings.

This is an experiment. I am the kind of person that wants to talk, talk, talk things over and to be listened to and to make sure I am understood and to really get my point across. I think all that might be tiring to my friends, coworkers and roommates. So I'm going to try and lay things out here to see if it satisfies my need to Process.

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